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Monday 13 June 2016

Sweet Heat Gourmet sauces arrived!

Sweet Heat Gourmet sauces

Look what has arrived today in France, some goodies from Sweet Heat Gourmet, thank you very much you rock!!!
The Strawbango will be tasted in a few minutes for lunch!!
You can find them at

On facebook!

Saturday 12 January 2013

Chilli Seeds Giveaway contest: Winner!

The competition is over!
Congratulations to Shane D. from Australia who won with the correct answer "Capsaicin" (Capsicin was accepted too) and 72 likes!!
He won 10+ seeds of 12 different chilli varieties!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition and contributed to spread the Chilli Happiness!
This first competition has been really successful thanks to anyone of you who played, supported for the votes or helped to spread the word
You're part of Fire Chillies, feel free to share anything you want about chillies on the Facebook page!
Stay tuned for other contests in the future and the lastest informations, reviews, recipes...and stay spicy!

Fiery Regards,
Fire Chillies France

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