Company based in Germany, Suryalogics GmbH owns the brand Scovilla. The product range is composed of Excite Fruit Hot Sauces, Scovilla's Hot Gourmet, DragonFire, Powerdrops and Capsaicin Bullet XE.

The hot sauce reviewed today, Scovilla`s West Indian, belongs to the Scovilla's Hot Gourmet range with the following products and heat scales:
Absolute Cayenne 1/5
Miss Jalapeño 1/5
Fiery Bandito (Chipotle) 2/5
Queen of Treats (Tabasco) 2/5
West Indian (Scotch Bonnet) 3/5
Wild Habanero 3/5
Savina Kiss 4/5
King Naga 5/5

Scovilla`s West Indian was tasted by itself, and with pork Filet Mignon and courgette served with couscous.

Scotch Bonnet peppers, carrots, onions, papayas, salt, lime juice, passion fruit juice, garlic, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Aromas: 5/10
Just after having opened the bottle, we can smell from the inside a mix of acid aroma from the acid acetic replacing the vinegar but here having the smell of. This aroma is completed by some fruity notes from the fruits mix and the fruity aromas of the Scotch Bonnets and their typical smell as we can find in those medium hot Caribbean peppers.

Consistency and Appearance: 7/10
The consistency is of a medium thick sauce due to the use of xanthan gum, it's something that I appreciate as you can pour some sauce on your meat and it sticks to it. Even if it's medium thick, the sauce runs out easily. Scovilla`s West Indian has a dark orange/brownish colour with the presence of peppers, seeds, onion and carrot particles.

Scovilla West Indian 1

Taste: 7/10
Little acidic taste, not unpleasant as some vinegar would have been, the Scotch Bonnets heat attacks directly, than you can feel exotic fruit aromas from the papaya and passion fruit mixed with the fruity notes of the peppers. Discrete garlicky taste with final notes of lime aroma and salt. The whole mix is well balanced even a bit acidic, giving it a sour and sweet taste with the sweetness from the exotic fruits and the carrot. Papaya and Passion fruit match well with the Scotch Bonnets, I was maybe expecting a stronger exotic fruits aromas. This kind of lightly fruity sauce was a good match with today's recipe too, first because it goes well with white meats in my opinion, and also because the courgette have been cooked with raisin in a Tajine Style, reinforcing the sweet and salty taste of the dish.

Heat: 6/10
The Scotch Bonnets attack directly in mouth and lightly in throat, what you feel from the beginning is what you really get and no more, the heat doesn't increase in length, so no need to worry, it won't be worst in some minutes. Anyway, it's a hot sauce and no doubt about it: it has some heat and you won't drink it as a tropical juice, also except the heat you won't taste anything in a product of quality if you drink it straight!

Label: 9/10
Scovilla's labels are really nice, colourful and with different funny characters in each products of the Hot Gourmet's range matching the attitude of the sauce, just like mascots! Here the funny character looks like a Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Carribean, as we have here a Caribbean Style hot sauce. Each label has a heat scale, so you can choose from each sauce how much you want to be burnt!

Scovilla West Indian 2

Recommended Use:
This sauce has been a good match with pork Filet Mignon, also I think it would go well with any white meats, fishes, squid/cuttlefish, grilled or fried, with a fresh lettuce, tomato and red onion slices during summer, and imagine yourself in the Caribbean!

Overall Impression:
Rating 3,5
An interesting hot sauce, tasty and with some heat, can be appreciated by any people who likes to eat dishes with some heat without fearing that it will be too hot. A little bit acidic and with an exotic fruits flavour giving it a kind of little sweet and sour taste. I would recommend this hot sauce for your needs of caribbean recipes with some heat!

Special thanks to Heiko Weigelt, general manager of Scovilla, who has allowed me to discover and taste most of Scovilla's products.

Scovilla ships worldwide, and can be found in the USA!
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