It has been a while now that I have some dried pods of this new pepper which is a cross of a Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) and a Trinidad Scorpion (developped in the USA and existing in red and peach - also not stable yet), I finally decided to taste it a bit before that I grow some plants of this variety next season.

I took a piece of one and chewed it during around 30 seconds in order to check the speed and heat level, as well as the flavors and tastes we can perceive, especially as the C. Chinense have a lot of flavors even if they are superhot, they do not only have an extreme heat level and no taste!

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion

Heat analyze:
Well, it has a direct burn stinging the tongue then suddenly exploding in the mouth, making you carefully think about the moment to decide to swallow it and what will happen then!
Once swallowed the tip of the tongue keeps tingling a while, then the heat goes from the throat to the stomach bring a sensation of heat inside, this will be perfect for this winter!

Flavors analyze:
The flavor is more of Caribbean peppers, so from the scorpion side.
It has this slightly smoky flavor remembering a Chocolate Habanero, and the sweet flavor of a milk caramel candy that you still can get aftertaste.

Suggested use:
From this special milk caramel candy flavor, this would be awesome to use it to cook some chilli chocolates, hot brownies and cookies, and also in a chocolate sauce to use with ice creams.
And talking about chocolate sauce, this would make a powerful and tasty Mole Poblano sauce!

This new pepper is anyway really interesting, now have to find a recipe to use it with!
Thanks to Jim Duffy for these goodies!

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