When the aromas were interesting and bringing back some memories of notes of the Original Death that I appreciated to use in the past, as a Chipotle lover I thought that it would be a good idea to splash my pork chops with it.
Wrong idea, it just ruined them.

Ingredients: Habanero, purified water, lime juice, carrots, white vinegar, red Jalapeno, Chipotle, fresh garlic, salt, tomato paste, cilantro, Cayenne, cane sugar, paprika, onion powder, spices, vitamin C.

The texture is smooth and can be poured easily like too much too late, and sticks on the food.

The flavours have been really disappointing and this is how reality can kill dreams.

Acidic, Acidic, Acidic,... The blend is like it took all the wrong sides of good ingredients, it's a mix of acidity from the vinegar, lime juice and tomato paste with its special bonus: bitterness!

The smokey flavour of the Chipotle is hidden by this acidic taste and by a kind of strong flavour like essential oils of herbs, overdose.

There's a bit of Habanero in it or on it at least, on the label, mostly a load of Cayenne hardly bringing a zing when you get a arg as if you were drinking pure lime juice pinching your nose.

Good thing about it?...Let's see...It contains some Vitamin C...but it's only used to keep the colour!!

Aromas: 4/10

Flavour: 2/10

Heat: 2/10

Verdict: A very disappointing sauce, it seemed like a gourmet sauce from its label and I was expecting pleasant flavours as its aromas could have suggested it.
When you have now such talented artisans who craft really tasty and REAL gourmet sauces, Chipotle Slam is a fake gourmet, it's clearly behind the wagon.
For a sauce with such a name, a possible definition could be that the chipotle smokey flavour has been slammed by the agressivity of the other ingredients.

Would I suggest this sauce to Chipotle lovers: No. / to friends: No.

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