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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Review - PuckerButt Pepper Company "Carolina Reaper Puree"

After having heard a lot about the famous Smokin'Ed Carolina Reaper pepper aka HP22B, I finally decided to get my hand on a bottle of The Reaper Puree in order to have my own idea about this pepper, as taste is a subjective matter and different people can find different flavours and aromas, it is just about different perceptions.
PuckerButt Pepper Company sells a range of different hot sauces (14 to date) and 1 Puree: The Reaper.
So I bought this bottle from Ed Currie's PuckerButt Pepper Company directly on their online store, and in something like 10 days later I received my small box, as well as some Carolina Reaper seeds but that is not today's subject.

The Reaper Puree was tasted by itself, and with some sauteed noodles.

Carolina Reaper peppers, vinegar

Aromas: 5/10
It's just peppers and vinegar so at this level it is a bit basic in terms of aromas. We can smell vinegar, but not a strong one, still bringing its acidic aroma and globally a same sour aroma remembering a tomato paste. Then we can feel definitely that we have here some very hot peppers, it is not aggressive but it is a common aroma from the superhots in the C. Chinense group, with a slight hint of floral notes, a "quiet force" sending you a subliminal message to not mess with it!

Consistency and Appearance: 6/10
The puree is of a red orangish colour with some pepper pulp particles and has a medium thick consistency, the whole mix could have been a bit more binded together, probably the proportion of vinegar should have been just a little bit lowered to get a better texture.
So you need to shake it well before you use it in order that the vinegar is well mixed with the pepper, as when the bottle rests in your fridge the vinegar always go back up to the top; so you get mostly vinegar if you don't shake it.
You need to dose as you can as it can run easily, a restrictor cap inserted on the opening would have been useful here.



Taste: 6/10
It is about the Carolina Reaper pepper and only the pepper, just some vinegar and that's all to make it a basic and versatile chili pepper product.
When tasting it by itself, we can briefly taste the vinegar while at the same time the heats kicks in directly.
Concerning the pepper flavours, at the beginning it has the same taste as a Bhut Jolokia then it quickly evolves and is followed by a taste of Trinidad peppers such as a 7 Pot coming to mind while analyzing the flavours.
The final tone is a little bit fruity but not exactly, something like the bitterness and a little hint of an unripe apricot.
Used as a condiment to set my sauteed noodles on fire, the puree got the job done without any doubt.


Heat: 10/10
As said just before, the heat attacks from the beginning, the tongue then the throat.
While the lips are tingling the heat increases suddenly and burst, but it does not last too long.
The Carolina Reaper is of course a superhot and extremely hot, but it may be the other side of the medal of having been promoted everywhere these last months as the new world hottest pepper, and because of it we may have been imagining being literally charred by a scorcher from hell, or as from its name torn by the reaper's blade.
The fact is that its heat level is not disapointing, we can not objectively say so as it is very very hot, but I could have been imagining a real nasty beast inside the bottle and evily expressing itself in one drop.

Label: 7/10
The Reaper's label is very nice with a shaded background of orange flames and some black on the sides where we can easily read the ingredient list, but even if we know it not stating that the peppers used are Carolina Reaper, and no details about the type of vinegar used (white, cider, rice,...?) especially as it is 1 on 2 ingredients used, neither its size (2 oz.) is written on the label (EDIT: it's written in very small font size at the bottom of the label)
Other interesting detail, there is a description saying that the ingredients used are 100% organic, which is a good point in terms of quality and purity of the product.
In the foreground and as from its name, we have the Reaper, a skeleton under the reaper's brown cloak holding a scythe with a pepper instead of its blade, it is funny and is a good idea but it is not innovative as this idea has already been used somewhere else...


Recommended Use:
The aim of a puree is to bring some heat to any dish needing some.
Where the heat level depends on the variety of pepper used to make the puree, here we know that we have in our hands a product made with some Carolina Reaper peppers, for this simple reason we know that we have a very high heat level and it will be needed to dose the amount needed carefully to not kill the dish, as the sentence says "too much pepper kills the pepper".
When it is just about the heat and with such a product you should go step by step, as the way to feel the heat is also a subjective matter and not the same for anybody, not the same for any chilehead.
As a puree having some vinegar inside, it's a versatile product and you can add it to any dish needing some heat, but accepting that a vinegary taste is added at the same time of course. Not bringing some exceptional flavours as it's a basic product, you can add it without fearing that it may change the whole flavour of your recipes.

Overall Impression:
Rating 3
The Reaper gets the job done and we can not ask more for a product of this kind, this is an extremely hot puree made to be a heat bringer.
Would I advise the purchase and use of this product: yes - Why: because if you are all for the heat and looking for a versatile extreme product then you will not be disappointed a single second!

You can find more informations about PuckerButt Pepper Company' and their products here:

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Tuesday 4 September 2012 nouveau site de vente en ligne de produits pimentés, sauce piquante et BBQ, piment sec et en poudre, épices et graines

Capsicums, la boutique du piment a été lancée le 21 août 2012.

Des produits de qualité pour relever tous vos plats de votre cuisine de tous les jours, pour les amoureux du piment.
Gamme de force de doux à extrême, les produits pimentés idéals à tous types de recettes du monde nécessitant une pointe relevée ou une explosion de saveurs fortes.

La boutique est organisée en plusieurs rayons afin de vous repérer facilement et trouver le produit qui vous correspond:

  • Rayon Sauces: différentes sauces pimentées de force douce à extrême, de marques reconnues telles que Chilli Pepper Pete, Grim Reaper Foods, Cajohn's, Marie Sharp's, Pain is Good, South Devon Chilli également des sauces BBQ, salsa et pâtes de piment.
  • Rayon Piments: des variétés de piments secs en provenance de différents pays, entiers ou en poudre, dont les célèbres Bhut Jolokia, Habanero, Chipotle.
  • Rayon Épices et Herbes: les éléments indispensables pour épicer et donner du relief à vos recettes de cuisine.
  • Rayon Assaisonnements: des mélanges Cajun, Fajita et Masala, du sel au piment Bhut Jolokia et plusieurs huiles pimentées.
  • Rayon Produits Pimentés: découvrez des chocolats au piment à base de chocolat noir, chocolat au lait ou chocolat blanc, du piment doux au Bhut Jolokia.
  • Rayon Graines de Piments: cultivez vos variétés de piments en choisissant parmi près de 50 variétés différentes.

Capsicums est le distributeur officiel en France des produits de la marque Grim Reaper Foods.

Également accessible depuis www.pimenté.fr vous trouverez plus d'informations sur la page Facebook officielle ou sur Twitter.

Vous pouvez contacter en envoyant un message à ou en envoyant un message depuis le formulaire de contact sur le site internet.

Monday 9 July 2012

"Piment la pâte" de l'île de la Réunion

Pâte de Piment 1

"Piment la pâte" est traditionnellement préparé avec des piments verts ou rouges, plus ou moins fort s'ils sont plus ou moins mûrs.

Il est utilisé comme condiment de table, mais il peut également être mélangé selon différentes recettes avec des tomates, du concombre ou de la mangue verte coupés en dés afin de créer un autre condiment: le "Rougail". Le «Rougail» est le condiment indispensable pour manger avec les currys réunionnais tels que: - "Carry Poulet" avec du poulet - "Carry ti'Jacques Boucané» avec poitrine de porc fumé - "Rougail saucisse" avec des saucisses fumées cuites une sauce tomate avec de l'ail, de l'oignon, du thym, et du curcuma (appelé "Safran pays"), servi avec du riz, et des "grains" tels que les Pois du Cap. Ici «Rougail» est le nom du plat, différent du "Rougail" dont nous venons de parler avant.

Pâte de Piment 2

La pâte de piment sera meilleure avec le temps et se conservera longtemps, attendez au moins au grand minimum 2 semaines avant de la goûter, le temps que les différentes saveurs se soient bien mélangeés.

Si vous essayez cette recette, postez vos photos sur

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